Bruce Woodward
                      Principal Partner

                      ​Just about 35 years ago, sporting a shiny new BS in Finance, Bruce started his journey as                                           a stockbroker for Wall Street’s prestigious EF Hutton brokerage firm.  After a three year run,                                        Bruce acquired a direct mail franchise in Scottsdale, Arizona which he and his wife managed for seven years before selling the operation to the franchisor.  Next came an eleven year stint helping build McMurry Publishing into a $100 million media empire that now flies under the banner Manifest.  At McMurry, Bruce ascended from manager, through director and ultimately senior vice president of marketing, managing two dozen staff and a $10 million budget.  While developing marketing campaigns for hospitals, utilities, banks and casinos for McMurry, he was recognized by the Arizona AMA chapter for his achievements being named the Arizona’s Direct Marketer of the Year. Subsequent to McMurry, Bruce expanded on his print and publishing experience at Gannett’s Arizona Republic and KKR’s PRIMEDIA in Los Angeles.  Bruce later returned to Scottsdale and assumed the vice president of marketing role at web-to-print pioneer  Two years in, he, along with the CEO and CTO formed a new company to develop the first photo postcard mobile app – shoot it! – which was named one of Forbes Top 10 Travel apps.  For a glimpse of how special shoot it! was, take a look at this 3 minute news clip:   With nearly 100,000 users globally, shoot it! was successfully sold to a publicly traded app holding company.  Proceeds from the sale enabled Bruce to realize his dream of a subtropical lifestyle and pursuit of his passion for language and teaching.  This career change necessitated adding Oxford TEFL and TESOL certifications to his Arizona State University BS and MBA.  Much of the next six years were spent in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico teaching English and translating for government agencies, Oil & Gas and marketing the World Cup and the Olympics.  While Bruce is only 'functional' in Portuguese and Spanish, he’s proud to say that his several AZUL (Jet Blue) airline pilot-students are fully fluent in Aviation English! Today Bruce’s language business word4wordtranslations, is relatively dormant while he is consulting nearly full-time with Tucson Electric Power (TEP).  Since 2014, for TEP Bruce has produced radio & tv spots, published a quarterly eNewsletter for commercial accounts, created numerous energy efficiency print and online spots, conducted primary research, installed a CRM platform and most recently, successfully designed and launched a new mobile app for customer outage notification and bill payment.  Rounding out his portfolio of clients today are several maquiladoras just south of the border including Amphenol-Optimize, CR Bard and Badger Meter. Bruce presently maintains residences in Houston, Texas, and Nogales, Mexico, racking up a heck-of-a lot of air and auto miles commuting to his assignments in Arizona and Mexico. 


Contact Bruce at US 520.647.4468 or MX 631.113.8390